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Cons Of Getting Lash Extension
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Cons Of Getting Lash Extension

Getting eyelash extensions can be a very good experience. But the deal comes with a great deal of disadvantages that should be taken into account. Here are some of them. 

The eyelash extension treatment is really long and if you have a busy schedule, you might not want to get them in the first place. The application can take different times depending upon how many lashes you want. If you opting for 80 lashes, then the process can take two to three hours. During the treatment, one cannot look and talk on the phone or do anything other than just merely sitting. One method to avoid half of this hustle is to get half set of lashes which is actually the cost-free alternative in achieving the similar effect. It is applied as a filler which make your lashes look thick naturally. This half set method can be very useful when getting the first-time treatment or even when you are not ready to get a full-time treatment because of the long wait that it is going to take. 

Because of the formaldehyde, many people get allergic reactions. Each and everyone should make sure of the fact that the eyelash extension glue in Australia shouldn’t contain formaldehyde as it can cause eye or skin allergies and the fact should not be taken granted for. Technician should also advise the customers that they should tell their allergies prior to the treatment. 

Eyelash extension treatments can be costly. Cost varies in getting different types of extensions. Flat eyelash extensions often cause more as they are to be applied with more care. On the other hand, are cheaper to get than the 5d pre-made volume extensions. Volume extensions are somewhat easier to apply rather than the flat and the single ones.  

Getting about 80 lashes can often cause between $200 and $300. Getting a refill can cause a $50 more. If one has that kind of budget, then it is easy to get. Otherwise, it is really tough. 

Eyelash extensions last a really short time. In other words, you are paying around $250 to get a treatment that will last only for three weeks. Getting them on for a casual hook up cannot be a good option. So, consider getting lash extensions for special occasions. 

With big eyelashes comes big responsibility. You have to be really careful with the stuff that you are using on your face. Whether it is makeup or you are just washing you face in the sink, it is advised that water should not react with your eyes otherwise the eyelash extension glue will get weak and thus will not be able to hold your extensions for a long amount of time. eyelashes-sale


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